No Really, They’re Making Wine For Cats

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Anyone who owns a cat, or has ever come within five feet of one, knows they are entitled creatures. And frankly, they do whatever they want. So it only seems fitting that such an animal have a wine product made especially for them.


Company in Japan announces wine for cats.
(Credit: Ralph Arvesen/Flickr)

A company in Japan called B&H Life is making wine for felines, and it goes on sale Tuesday, reported But before you get your cat-loving paws waving in disapproval, the wine doesn’t actually have any alcohol in it.

The wine is called Nyan Nyan Nouveau, named after the “nyan” meow sound in Japanese. It’s made from Cabernet grape juice with a little Vitamin C and catnip mixed in.  The bottles aren’t the standard 750-milliliter glass bottles with a cork. Instead they are small bottles that resemble sake bottles with twist caps and the image of a cartoon cat on the label.

The wine is priced at $4 or 399 yen a bottle. If you’re looking to stock your cat’s liquor cabinet with a special blend to toast for the holidays, you may want to act quickly. The wine is limited to 1,000 bottles.

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