Report: Student Asked to Stay After School on Day He Allegedly Killed Teacher

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Before 14-year-old Philip Chism allegedly killed his algebra teacher, the pair had at least one more encounter as student and teacher, a witness said.


Philip Chism, 14, charged with murder in the death of Colleen Ritzer, a teacher at Danvers High School near Boston. (Credit: Danvers Police Department; Facebook)

Chism had been doodling and listening to music during Colleen Ritzer’s algebra I class during the school’s final period, classmate Cambria Cloutier told CNN. Creating such drawings was unusual for Chism, and when the final bell sounded at 1:55 p.m. Tuesday, Ritzer asked him to stay after class.

Cloutier sat two desks over from Chism, who rarely participated in class discussion but was “a really good student,” she said.

While shuttling between two after-school meetings, Cloutier said, she looked into the same classroom and saw Ritzer standing by her computer and Chism sitting in a chair about 5 to 10 feet away. The teacher smiled at her, Cloutier recalled.

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