Prosecutors Try to Prevent Release of ‘Bolder Than Most’ Rapist

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San Diego County prosecutors are attempting to keep one of the region’s most infamous rapists in custody even though he has served 25 years in prison and is set for parole.


Convicted rapist Alvin Quarles is set to be parole by year’s end. (California Department of Corrections)

At a Superior Court hearing Friday morning, the judge set a Dec. 19 hearing on whether Alvin Ray Quarles should be released or determined to be a “sexually violent predator” and sent to a state hospital for sex offenders until he is judged to no longer be a threat to the public.

“Protecting our community from sexually violent predators is a priority for the DA’s office and we’re working diligently to have this defendant committed to a state hospital for an indeterminate term,” said district attorney spokesman Steve Walker.

Dubbed by police the “Bolder Than Most Rapist,” Quarles, now 51, attacked his victims at knife point, sometimes forcing the women’s husbands or boyfriends to watch, and in some of his attacks, forcing the men to have sex with the women while he watched.

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