BREAKING: Lamar Odom Hospitalized After Being Found Unconscious at Las Vegas-Area Brothel

Anchors Prancercise with Creator of the Viral Workout

Joanna Rohrback joined us live to discuss all things Prancercise. Joanna taught Jessica, Frank and Mark how to properly execute the dance-like exercise regiment inspired by a horse’s gait.

The book: Prancercise┬«: The Art of Physical and Spiritual Excellence, is a whole new way of thinking and approaching fitness. To be really fit we need to consider more than just ourselves; we need to also consider the conservation of the environment (as through vegetarianism), and non-violence, through our thought process and behavior. This book is a true literary resource well researched and documented, not just propaganda. It’s a recipe for fitness, health, and self-fulfillment!

For reference:
Dr. E.K. Schandl, Clinical Biochemist, Oncobiologist, MS; PhD.; FSCB; CC(NRCC);SC(ASCP); LNC