Double Plane Crash Survivor Accepts Michigan Scholarship

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A Pasadena teenager, who narrowly survived two plane crashes, accepted a scholarship Wednesday to play college basketball in Michigan.


Austin Hatch survived two plane crashes that took the lives of his family and left him in a coma. (Credit: CNN)

Austin Hatch, once considered a top college recruit, admits he still has a long way to go in his physical and emotional recovery.

In 2003, a plane piloted by his father crashed, killing his mother, Julie, his 11-year-old sister, Lindsay, and 5-year-old brother, Ian.

He survived the crash and verbally accepted a scholarship offer  from the University of Michigan in 2011.

Just days later, another plane piloted by his father crashed, killing his father and stepmother.

Hatch again survived, but suffered a severe head injury and punctured lung and spent eight weeks in a medically induced coma.

The teenager eventually moved from Indiana to Pasadena to live with his uncle and attend Loyola High School.

Even though his future in athletics remains unclear, the University of Michigan said it would honor its scholarship offer.

Hatch signed his letter of intent to play there last week.

“Basketball has sort of given me something to shoot for, and it’s been my goal from when I woke up from the coma in Chicago,” Hatch said. “I told people I’m going to play basketball again. There were people who doubted me, I basically just said thank you for your opinion but I’m going to prove you wrong.”

The University of Michigan is a family tradition for Hatch.

His mother went to school there and his dad once worked there.

CNN contributed to this report.