Teen Vandal Cited for Stealing Piece of Jeremiah MacKay Statue

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A bronze dove that was stolen from a statue of sheriff’s detective Jeremiah MacKay, who was killed by Christopher Dorner, was found this week, authorities announced Thursday.


A bronze dove, originally attached to the Lake Arrowhead statue of Jeremiah MacKay, was stolen in September. (Credit: San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department)

The dove was stolen by a 13-year-old boy, who bragged about the theft on his Instagram account, according to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.

Detectives found the teenager Tuesday at a Lake Elsinore middle school, where he was taken into custody.  The statue piece was later found in a shoebox in his bedroom.

The memorial statue of MacKay — the sheriff’s deputy killed in a gun battle with ex-LAPD officer Dorner in February — had been unveiled in Lake Arrowhead Village on Sept. 1.

The dove was seen missing just eight days later.

The boy and his parent were both cited for the offense, sheriff’s officials said.