Beastie Boys Hit With Backlash as Legal Fight Looms Over ‘Girls’ Video

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The Beastie Boys are reportedly pursuing legal action against the makers of a video that went viral this week by putting a pink-empowerment spin on the artists’ “Girls.”


GoldieBlox’s viral video turns the tables on the little-girl princess fantasy. (Credit: GoldieBlox)

The Internet’s reaction to the alleged copyright infringement claim? What a bunch of babies!

Social media reaction so far appears to be overwhelmingly in favor of the GoldiBlox video aimed at encouraging little girls to pursue careers in engineering.

GoldieBlox, the upstart toy company behind “The Princess Machine” video, has said in a court document that representatives for the Beastie Boys are threatening them with a copyright infringement action. This, according to the Hollywood Reporter, which links to the filing. GoldieBlox contends that the video is clearly a parody, and as such does not infringe on copyrights and is protected by the Fair Use Doctrine.

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