More Relief Supplies Depart LAX, Destined for Philippines

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Some 200,000 pounds of relief supplies were loaded onto a jet that departed Los Angeles International airport on Saturday, en route to the Philippines and the victims of Super Typhoon Haiyan.


(Credit: KTLA)

“FedEx has a 40-year history of stepping in and assisting in communities where we live and work, and we’re very passionate about that,” said Parul Bajaj, spokeswoman for the shipping company whose plane was carrying the cargo.

More than $10 million dollars worth of supplies was sent to the Southeast Asian Country, according to Heart to Heart International and Direct Relief, the nonprofits that organized the shipment.

“Today, Direct Relief is sending out the largest shipment in the organization’s 65-year history,” said Kerri Murray, spokeswoman for the relief group. “We’re sending 50 tons of essential medical aid. That includes over 100,000 bottles of life-saving antibiotics, IV solutions, oral rehydration,” and personal care products such as soaps, hand sanitizers and shampoos, she said.

The supplies were expected to arrive in Cebu, Philippines, on Monday, officials said.

“We’re just grateful for the overwhelming support and solidarity that has been extended to us by the United States of America,” said Philippine Consul General Hellen Barber-De La Vega.

Meanwhile, the typhoon-ravaged country is still in need of more medical volunteers who have experience working in disaster areas, “particularly for the week of December 9th and Christmas week into New Year’s,” said Carla Orner of Heart to Heart International.