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2-Year-Old ‘Trick Shot’ Titus Takes on Channing Tatum, Bradley Cooper

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Toddler hoops phenom Titus was joined by big-name stars Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper in the third installment of the viral videos showing the little guy making unbelievable shots.

In the latest video, which was posted Sunday by the boy’s dad, Joseph Ashby, the Hollywood pair play up being distraught at their loss to the little star during a contest that aired on a Spanish television show.

After the shoot, Tatum and Cooper agreed to be in a new YouTube video with Titus, to Ashby’s delight.┬áTitus had won 14-5 over Tatum and 14-8 over Cooper.

“I thought you said you were going to let me win,” Tatum says. “You crushed me in the basketball thing. I could body slam you right now, but I’m not going to.”

Cooper describes his strategy for his competing with the toddler.

“I think if I train a little bit more, eat right, get some sleep, then one day I could maybe have that focus you have right now,” Cooper says.

The clip, with video courtesy, aired on the KTLA 5 Morning News on Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2013.