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Freezing Temps, Gusty Winds Bring Advisories to SoCal

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A cold weather system brought gusty winds and subfreezing temperatures to much of the region as it moved across Southern California Wednesday morning.

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Frost and hard freeze conditions were likely to return overnight Wednesday and again on Thursday, while the windy weather was expected subside by Wednesday afternoon, according to the National Weather Service.

The Antelope Valley, along with Santa Barbara and Ventura counties are among the areas where hard freeze conditions are expected to return the next couple of nights, according to the NWS.

During hard freeze conditions, forecasters recommend bringing animals indoors and insulating exposed pipes to prevent freezing or bursting.

Several wind advisories were issued as gusty winds pushed through much of Southern California Tuesday evening.

Those advisories were allowed to expire at  10 a.m. Wednesday.

A second system expected to move through Southern California on Friday may bring rain and snow showers to the area.