‘Cheese’ and ‘Blip’ Among Most Unusual Baby Names of 2013

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The parenting website Baby Center has put together their lists of the most unusual baby names in the U.S. for 2013.

filephoto baby unusual names

File photo (Credit: Steven Sheets/flickr via Creative Commons)

We’ve shared a handful of what we thought to be some of the most creative names on the lists.

For the boys, there were at least three little fellas named Cheese this year. There’s also a little boy who was named Panda, and another named Danish.

The name Rocket was chosen by the parents of one baby boy. And finally, someone was named Leviathan.

As for the girls, Blip and Nyx are short and sweet. Some parents went fantasy with the name Fairy for their little princess.

Others got colorful, naming their daughter Green. And finally, there’s at least one little girl running around with the name Kiwi.

About 43 percent of expectant parents chose — or were hunting for — unique or unusual baby names, according to a Baby Center survey.

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