UC Riverside Staffer Diagnosed With Meningitis

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An administrator at UC Riverside has contracted bacterial meningitis, a rapidly-spreading disease that has recently cropped up at college campuses nationwide.


UC Riverside’s campus is shown in a file photo.

The staffer was diagnosed and hospitalized over the weekend and will remain off campus until he or she is treated, university officials — who would not disclose the patient’s name — announced Monday.

Officials said they were beginning to notify students and staff who may have been in close contact with the administrator.

It was unclear which strain of meningitis the staffer contracted, the university said.

Meningitis B — a life-threatening and once rare strain — broke out at multiple universities this fall.

Four UC Santa Barbara students contracted meningitis B in November, one of whom needed to have his feet amputated to stop the disease from spreading.

Eight people at Princeton University were also infected with the strain this year, prompting the school to begin vaccinating all of its near 6,000 students Monday.

Bacterial meningitis can be spread by coughing, kissing, sharing drinks or living in close quarters.

“The key symptoms of meningitis are a high fever, severe headache, stiff neck … and a typical rash that can present later” American Academy of Pediatrics spokesperson Dr. Tanya Altmann told KTLA.

For more information on how to spot and prevent meningitis, watch KTLA’s full interview with Dr. Altmann here.