New Year’s Eve Gun Users Targeted by L.A. Police, Deputies

The Los Angeles police and sheriff’s departments are taking part in a gunfire reduction campaign aimed to warn people about what has become a deadly New Year’s Eve tradition of indiscriminately firing guns into the air.

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File photo (Credit: RONg/flickr via Creative Commons)

“This campaign is designed to help reduce incidents of indiscriminate gunfire that, while on the decline, has continued to be a deadly tradition in our County and in our City,” the Los Angeles Police Department stated in a news release.

An advanced piece of technology, called the ShotSpotter, will be deployed in the Century and Compton station areas, according to the release.

The ShotSpotter can pinpoint gunfire within a few feet of where shots were fired, police said.

Those arrested for shooting a gun will be prosecuted to the fullest extend of the law, authorities said.

Discharging a firearm into the air is punishable by one year in state prison, a news release from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department stated.

Authorities also strongly discouraged the public from playing with toy replica guns that resemble real weapons.

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