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Author & Activist Christopher Kennedy Lawford On New Book ‘What Addicts Know’

Author, Activist Christopher Kennedy Lawford and his new book ‘What Addicts Know: 10 Lessons From Recovery To Benefit Everyone’

Foreword by CNN/HLN Dr. Drew Pinsky,  whether unhealthy consumption of junk food, involvement in toxic relationships or struggling with any destructive behavior, reframes and sheds light on how anyone can best achieve their potential in any walk of life. Christopher Kennedy Lawford and his cousin, ex. Cong. Patrick Kennedy, both work relentlessly to reduce the stigma connected to alcoholism/addiction and to achieve mental health parity for the treatment of the disease (addiction/alchoholism been scientifically proven to be a treatable brain disease).  Chris can cite examples that public awareness — at the level of other much talked about diseases such as cancer and heart disease — is  a primary objective to reducing the cost that active addiction has on our society whether criminal or otherwise.

Book is now available on

Book Signing is Tuesday, January 28
6:00 pm
Northbound in Costa Mesa
RSVP: Emily Orrick at or 949.269.9295