‘Meatball’ the Cat Weighs in at a Whopping 36 Pounds

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A true fat cat was dropped off at a shelter in the Phoenix area this week.


Meatball, a 4-year-old domestic shorthair cat, weighed in at 36 pounds. (Credit: Maricopa County Animal Care via KPHO)

The aptly named “Meatball” tipped the scales at 36 pounds when he was brought to a shelter in Mesa, a Phoenix suburb, on Tuesday, according to the Arizona Republic.

The big cat was then taken to a Maricopa County Animal Care and Control shelter in Phoenix, where he was receiving “extra attention” to help him drop some weight, the newspaper reported.

Meatball, a 4-year-old domestic shorthair, was dropped off by a woman who could no longer care for him, a shelter official told the paper.

“He’s got a great temperament. He’s very sweet, he loves attention. Anytime someone comes into the office he wants to be pet,” said Melissa Gable, a spokeswoman for the animal care department. “He rolls over and exposes his belly.”

Meatball was not up for adoption and still needed to lose a lot of weight, she said.

The giant feline shares a name with another celebrity animal who is more familiar to Southern Californians: Meatball the Glendale Bear, aka Glenbearian.

After repeated appearances in the San Gabriel Mountain foothills, Meatball was moved in 2012 to a sanctuary in San Diego County.

The Rose Parade float for the city of Glendale included a likeness of Meatball this past New Year’s Day