Snoopy License Plates on Order for California Drivers

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Snoopy could be coming to Californians’ license plates as part of a program to fund the states’ museums.


A sample of the new license plates featuring Snoopy. (Credit: California Association of Museums)

The new special license plate features the beloved beagle from the Peanuts comic strip created by Charles M. Schulz, who lived much of his life in Santa Rosa.

The plates became available for pre-order at on Thursday. Once the Department of Motor Vehicles receives 7,500 orders, the plates will be issued.

“Last we checked, California has 23,000,000 (that’s 23 MILLION) registered automobiles. We’re pretty sure we can find 7,500 Snoopy and museum fans out there willing to pay $50 for a special plate,” states the website. “If we can’t, you’ll give your money back.”

Regular plates are $50, or $98 for personalized plates. Annual renewals cost $40 or $78 for personalized plates, according to the website.

Proceeds from the sale of the plates will go toward a competitive grant program that will provide funding for the 1,400 museums and science centers in California, according to a news release announcing the program.

The program and the plates’ creation was approved in 2013 by the California Legislature and Gov. Jerry Brown.