1 in 5 Recruits in LAFD Class Are Relatives of Firefighters

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One in five recruits in a new Los Angeles fire department training class are related to firefighters working at the agency, according to figures released Thursday evening.


Los Angeles firefighters are seen in January at a house fire in the West Hills. (Credit: Anne Cusack, Los Angeles Times/January 14, 2014)

Of the 70 recruits hired for the class now in training, 13 are sons of firefighters and three are nephews, according to figures obtained by the Times from the department.

A spokesman for Mayor Eric Garcetti said an investigation would be launched to determine how 22% of the class ended up being relatives of LAFD members.

“We are going to get to the bottom of this,” spokesman Yusef Robb said. “This needs to be fully investigated.”

The Times reported Thursday that thousands of firefighter candidates were disqualified last April from being considered for inclusion in the class because they failed to submit a key piece of paperwork in a 60-second period.

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