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UC Riverside Student Ends Up As Surprise Guest on ‘Ellen’

A local college student got the surprise of her life when she ended up on stage at “The Ellen DeGeneres Show;” all thanks to a letter her younger sister wrote to the talk show host.


Sharon Bustamante says her appearance on Ellen’s show is just a blur. (Credit: The Ellen DeGeneres Show)

Sharon Bustamante, a UC Riverside student, was in the studio audience for a taping of Ellen’s talk show, but thanks to her sister’s letter, she ended up on stage.

Ellen read part the letter on the air: “My sister has always been a role model and it was very difficult for her to go away to school because she was practically a third parent to us.”

In the letter, the younger sister also explained how Bustamonte was unable to watch Ellen’s show because she had no money to buy a TV after moving to college.

Ellen brought Bustamonte and her entire family out on stage, then presented her with a brand new TV.

But Bustamante soon discovered she would get an even bigger surprise, a 2014 5-door Mazda 3.

“That’s what you get for being a good person,” Ellen said.

Bustamante said the experience was just a blur, “I don’t remember until I see the clip again,” she said.

KTLA’s Doug Kolk contributed to this report.