2 L.A. County Sheriff’s Deputies in Federal Jail Abuse Case Plead Not Guilty

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Two Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies pleaded not guilty Thursday in connection with allegations that they assaulted a handcuffed inmate, according to a spokesman for the U.S. attorney’s office.


Handcuffs hang from a rail at a Los Angeles jail. (Credit: Los Angeles Times)

Deputies Joey Aguiar and Mariano Ramirez were the latest in a string of 21 current and former sheriff’s officials charged by federal authorities in connection with the FBI’s three-year investigation into brutality and other misconduct in the Sheriff’s Department.

Last month, federal authorities alleged that Aguiar and Ramirez violated the civil rights of the inmate by assaulting him Feb. 11, 2009, inside Men’s Central Jail. Prosecutors contend that the man was handcuffed to a waist chain during the attack. The indictment accused the deputies of kicking the inmate in the head and upper body, striking him with a flashlight and pepper-spraying him in the face.

Both were released on $25,000 bonds, authorities said.

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