Gas Station Cashier Turns $10 Scratcher Into $1M Jackpot

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A 23-year-old cashier at a 76 gas station in Mission Viejo sold lottery tickets to customers every day at work, never actually thinking he would be a winner himself.

That all changed last Sunday when Valente Hernandez decided to buy a $10 “California Gold” Scratcher before he left work.

“I had $30 in my wallet,” said Valente Hernandez. “I was gonna fill up $30, but instead I bought a $10 ticket,” Hernandez said.

That single ticket turned out to be worth $1 million.

The money could not have come at a better time for Hernandez and his young family.

He and his wife have an 18-month-old son who was born with spina bifida and required constant therapy and treatment.

Hernandez said his first priority was to get his son the best medical care possible and then to buy his family a house.

Kimberly Cheng contributed to this report.