Daylight Saving Begins Sunday, Time to Set Clocks Forward 1 Hour

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Daylight saving time begins Sunday morning, which means it is once again time to spring forward and turn those clocks ahead one hour.


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The time change goes into effect Sunday at 2 a.m., less than two weeks before the start of spring on March 20.

As residents prepare to set their clocks forward, Cal Fire officials used the occasion to remind them to check smoke alarms as all.

“The time change is a great opportunity to spend a few minutes making sure our home’s smoke alarms are in good working conditions and installed in the proper locations,” California State Fire Marshal Tonya Hoover said in a news release. “Most people know how critical smoke alarms are, but forget to maintain them.”

Homeowners should change their smoke detector batteries annually, according to the release.

Daylight saving time is observed in nearly all U.S. states, with the exceptions of Hawaii and most of Arizona.

The U.S. territories of Guam, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and American Samoa also do not observe the time change.

Daylight saving time ends in November.