Garcetti Vows to Fix Sidewalks, But Repair Funds Remain Unspent

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When Mayor Eric Garcetti unveiled his first budget this week, he proudly announced that he was doubling funding to fix broken sidewalks from $10 million to $20 million.


Two people navigate the sidewalk along Vermont Avenue where it meets the 101 Freeway. (Credit: Los Angeles Times)

There’s just one problem: None of the money that was budgeted for this year has been spent so far.

And it remains unclear how much of it will be used before the budget year comes to an end June 30. Any unencumbered money will be swept back into Los Angeles’ general fund.

City officials said they held off on sidewalk spending because of a lawsuit filed by disabled residents who assert that broken sidewalks infringe on their rights to public access. A plan to spend the $10 million on sidewalks next to libraries, parks and other city facilities is still awaiting approval from the City Council, which is on recess until next week.

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