Hiker Escorted Out of Burbank Nature Center After Bobcat Scare

Authorities escorted a scared hiker out of a nature center in Burbank Thursday after she spotted a bobcat.


Burbank police escorted a woman after a possible bobcat sighting at a nature center in Burbank on Thursday. (Credit: KTLA)

Adra Fenstermaker was hiking at the Stough Canyon Nature Center (map) when she said she got nervous and called police after seeing a bobcat.

The Burbank Police Department confirmed they were responding to the nature center, but did not provide further details.

Initial reports stated that a mountain lion may have been following a woman on the hiking trail.

“It wasn’t a mountain lion everybody, it was a very large bobcat,” Fenstermaker said.

The bobcat was about the size of a labrador, according to Fenstermaker.

Aerial video from Sky5 showed Fenstermaker being escorted down a trail by authorities.

She said officials told her it was normal for the bobcats to be out at this time of day and they don’t usually harm people.




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