Highland Family Says 4 Vehicles Struck Property in 2 Years

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A family in Highland whose property has been struck four times by vehicles was asking the city of Highland to take action Tuesday before someone gets serious injured.


A suspected drunk driver crashed into a house in Highland that has been the site of four crashes in two years. (Photo provided by the Sauerwein family)

The most recent incident, and the worst so far, occurred Sunday when a suspected drunk driver crashed into the Sauerwein’s house around 4 a.m.

“That car went through my house,” said homeowner Jeff Sauerwein. “It went through my garage… and hit my house five feet below my baby’s crib.”

The crash caused a gas leak and a flood on the ground floor of the home.

“I had tears going down my eyes,” said 6-year-old Tristan Sauerwein. “I thought the house was going to explode.”

In the past two years, three other vehicles have ended up on the property, the family said.

One vehicle hit a fence; one landed in the bushes; another left skid marks on the sidewalk.

The¬†Sauerwein’s house lies in front of a 90-degree turn.

The family said they have repeatedly asked city officials for a sign warning of the sharp turn ahead, but so far they said nothing has been done.

KTLA’s Kimberly Cheng contributed to this report.