KTLA’s Guy’s Guide to What Women Want: Additional Viewer Gift Idea Suggestions

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Although we couldn’t feature every great Mother’s Day gift on air, here are some of our favorite suggestions sent in from viewers.

Stay tuned May 5-9 to see which gift ideas made the cut and even some extra suggestions from our experts.

Category: Home Goods

Category: Clothing

Category: Spas

Category: Photos and Pictures

  • Small photo albums (submitted by Teri Murphy of Aliso Viejo)

Category: Jewelry

Category: Tech and Gadgets

Category: Other

  • Designer Style Nails In The Comfort Of Your Own Home (submitted by Brett of Ventura)
  • Custom Mother’s Day Cards (submitted by Brittany Harris of Carson)
  • Grace Adele purse with interchanging purse accessories (submitted by Therese Solberg of Sunland)
  • Online meal planning subscription for foodie moms (submitted by Loryn Purvis of Laguna Nigel)
  • Boozy Bundtz (submitted by Tifney Holler of Anaheim)
  • Malibu and Vine, Malibu, California (submitted by Sonya de la Cerda of Point Mugu)
  • Shoes, spa and diamonds (submitted by Rosie Chili of Ladera Heights)
  • Gift card to dry bar for hair blowout (submitted by Michelle Madris of Inglewood)
  • Lunch to go and cruise around Newport Beach harbor (submitted by Maryanne Wendt of Irvine)
  • Two-night resort getaway with no kids, no husband, no pets (submitted by Victoria Steinhorst of Long Beach)
  • Gardening basket and tools (submitted by Linda Tovar of Downey)
  • Volunteering to help your community (submitted by Grace Tagudar of Carson)
  • Red ES 350 Lexus with chrome accents (submitted by Mitzi Lowe of San Clemente)
  • Edible Arrangements (submitted by Carol Courtright of Colton)
  • Homemade note from teenager (submitted by Lori Torres of Rancho Cucamonga)
  • A day off work (submitted by Angela of Van Nuys)
  • House cleaners for a day (submitted by Gabby Atwood King of Valley Village)
  • A day off from any form of housework (submitted by Michael Strode of Montclair)
  • Signed divorce papers (submitted by Rob of Alhambra)
  • Potted Orchid plant (submitted by Brian Zinnikas of Santa Monica)