Soon to Be Blind, Texas Boy Has ‘Bucket List’ of Things He Hopes to See

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A boy in Texas has been working his way through a “bucket list” of things he would like to see before he goes blind.


Ben Pierce, 9, has a list of things to see before he goes blind. (Credit: WFAA via CNN)

Ben Pierce, 9, was born at just 23 weeks, more than four months early, according to local television station WFAA.

He weighed just 1 pound 6 ounces, but despite the odds, Ben is healthy today. All, except for his eyes, the station reported.

Ben began losing his sight because of some scar tissue left from a surgery that Ben needed on his eyes. As he grows, his eyesight worsens because the scar tissue does not stretch, doctors told the station.

“I just don’t want to be blind,” Ben said as he began to cry during an interview.

While his eyesight continues to worsen, Ben has made a list of things he would like to see before it’s too late.

Recently, Ben was able to see a Van Gogh painting of haystacks at the Dallas Museum of art, according to the television station.

Other experiences on Ben’s list include going to Paris, London and seeing the Northern Lights.

Ben was also hoping to take a trip to Los Angeles so could go the beach. And there’s “this Disneyland thing that might be fun,” he said.

Two donation pages have been set up in Ben’s honor, according to his family’s blog.

They can be found at and