N.Y. Boy’s Awesome WWE Smackdown Reaction Captured on Video

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A New York boy’s awesome reaction to his first time watching an explosive WWE Smackdown opening was captured on video.

“Keep your ears plugged,” Connor was warned as he watched with his father in Buffalo just seconds before the fireworks blasted and red lights flashed.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by TJ Fox, Connor’s father, and showed how the boy’s cautious expression quickly turned to shock and amazement.

Overcome with emotion, Connor’s hands fell from his ears as his mouth dropped and his eyes bulged.

Left staring and speechless for several seconds; Connor eventually let loose with an approving scream and clapped frantically.

“I was nervous how he was gonna react to the pyrotechnics so I decided to film it,” Fox said, adding that he couldn’t be happier about his son’s reaction.

“I am a huge wrestling fan and have obviously passed it on the my son,” Fox said.