Road Rage May Have Prompted Caught-on-Video San Diego Crash: CHP

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A dramatic Southern California freeway crash that was caught on video was being investigated as a possible case of road rage, the California Highway Patrol said this week.


This still from a dashcam video posted to YouTube shows a crash on I-8 in San Diego on May 10, 2014. (Credit: N.E.O.)

The crash occurred just before 4 p.m. Saturday on the westbound 8 Freeway in San Diego, just west of College Avenue near San Diego State University, CHP stated in a news release.

Kelsey Shakespeare, 21, was driving a silver Volkswagen Jetta westbound while Stephanie Pontarolo, 33, was driving a green Toyota Tacoma pickup truck behind her.

The two drivers, both from San Diego, got involved in an altercation for unknown reasons, the news release stated.

Then, the Tacoma pulled alongside the Jetta and veered to the right, striking the car. Both vehicles crashed into the right shoulder, and the truck overturned.

The crash was captured on the dashboard camera of a car that was following the two vehicles.

The dashcam video, which was posted on YouTube┬áSunday, shows the pickup following the Jetta, pulling to the car’s left, then abruptly pulling right, into the Jetta. The two vehicles then crashed into the guardrail.

A large tanker truck was in the right-hand slow lane just feet behind the crash, the video showed.

Pontarolo suffered minor lacerations to her face, arm and foot, while Shakespeare suffered “complaint of pain injuries to her back,” CHP stated.

Investigators were trying to determine what prompted the altercation but had initially classified the crash as accidental, CHP Officer Jake Sanchez told San Diego television station KSWB, a sister station of KTLA.

“If it is determined through our investigation that there was an intentional act to harm another person, this incident would not be treated as a collision and separate charges would follow,” the CHP news release stated. “The potential charges could range from attempted murder to assault with a deadly weapon, depending on the circumstances.”