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Teen Accused in Shooting Death of Cab Driver: ‘That’s What I Do to People That Don’t Listen’

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A 16-year-old boy in Scranton, Pa., is accused of fatally shooting a cab driver who refused to take a shortcut.


A teen was charged as an adult after allegedly killing a cab driver in Scranton, Penn., over not taking a shortcut. (Credit: Los Angeles Times/Scranton Police Department)

Speaking to reporters as he was led to court by police, the teen, who was charged as an adult, said he told driver Vincent Darbenzio to take a quicker route early Friday.

“He didn’t want to listen, he got his [expletive] shot,” the teen said, according to video of his exchange with reporters. Richardson told police that he felt the driver was intentionally running up the meter.

He is accused of firing two shots into the back of Darbenzio’s head and then fleeing with about $500 from Darbenzio’s pocket.

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