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Gun Violence Prevention March Is in Solidarity With ‘Not One More’ Campaign

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Santa Barbara students, Isla Vista residents and organizers of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence will join in a rally and march Saturday to demand that lawmakers take action to prevent future gun violence.


An Isla Vista march on May 31, 2014, demanding gun violence prevention was meant to show solidarity with a shooting victim’s father’s “Not One More” campaign. (Credit: Associated Press)

Marchers will assemble at 2 p.m. outside I.V. Deli Mart, the Isla Vista convenience store where on May 23 disgruntled college student Elliot Rodger gunned down his last victim, 20-year-old Chris Michaels-Martinez, before leading police on a car chase and taking his own life.

Rodger, a loner who ranted on videos about his inability to attract women, went on the bloody rampage that left seven dead, including himself, and 13 wounded. All of his victims were UC Santa Barbara students.

Rodger stabbed his three roommates to death and used legally purchased handguns to kill three others. Saturday’s march is meant to show solidarity with those calling for “Not One More,” and demanding that leaders take action to prevent further violence.

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