Casey Kasem Hospitalized After Wife Alleged Throws Raw Meat at Daughter

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Radio icon Casey Kasem, the ailing subject of a family custody battle, was hospitalized over the weekend after a bizarre incident outside Seattle involving his wife.

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Radio personality Casey Kasem and his children Mike and Kerri arrive at the Golden Dads Awards ceremony at the Peterson Automotive Museum on June 15, 2005. (Credit: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

A spokesman told media on Sunday that the 82-year-old American Top 40 legend was transported by ambulance alongside his daughter Kerri Kasem, who has been fighting her stepmother Jean Kasem in court over Casey Kasem’s care.

Jean Kasem had taken Casey Kasem to Washington state, removing him from care at a California facility, according to Kerri Kasem.

Kitsap County judge on Friday granted Kerri Kasem permission to take her father to a hospital of her choosing — an order issued following a Los Angeles County judge’s ruling that she should have expanded power over her father’s medical care.

“Everybody loves my husband, but I can’t cut him in half,” Jean Kasem told media after the Friday court hearing. “Shame on these children, who have done this to their father, and who have shredded my family.”

Kerri Kasem said that she was pleased with the ruling.

When Kerri Kasem arrived on Sunday to take him from the home outside Seattle where he had been staying with Jean Kasem and friends, her stepmother came out of the house and threw raw meat at her, KTLA sister station KCPQ reported.

Video of the incident was provided to KLTA on Monday by a spokesman for Kerri Kasem.


As shown in a still from a video provided by a spokesman for Kerri Kasem, Jean Kasem threw raw hamburger at her husband’s daughter, according to the spokesman.

“In the order of King David, go ahead and take me,” Jean Kasem appears to say in the video. “In the order of King David, I throw this piece of meat to you, to the dogs, to the dogs.”

While speaking at the bottom of a driveway in front of a home, she tosses something that appears to land at the feet of the person recording the video.

She threw a package of ground beef, according to Kerri Kasem’s spokesman.

Video from the scene showed Jean Kasem yelling while authorities men clad in biker gear walked around outside the home, Seattle station KING reported. Casey Kasem was ruled out of the home on a gurney, KING’s video showed.

On Monday, Jean Kasem explained her actions saying, “When a person is about to pass away, there are always rabid dogs.”

Casey Kasem has Lewy body dementia, which is the second most common type of progressive dementia after Alzheimer’s disease and causes a progressive decline in mental abilities, according to the Mayo Clinic.