‘Hero’ Student Who Tackled Seattle Gunman Rewarded With Wedding Gifts

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Hundreds of people have found a way to thank the college student who risked his life to stop a rampaging gunman at Seattle Pacific University.

jon meis

Jon Meis, left, was credited with stopping a gunman who killed 1 person and wounded several others during a shooting at the Seattle Pacific University campus on June 5, 2014. (Credit: KOMO)

Jon Meis, 22, sprang into action last Thursday after a gunman opened fire at students on campus, killing one person and wounding several others.

The senior engineering student, who had been working as a security desk monitor, used pepper spray on the shooter and tackled him to the ground, CNN reported.

Meis, who has been hailed as hero, is now being rewarded for his selfless act.

Once it was discovered Meis was getting married, people worldwide decided to use the occasion to say “thank you” by buying him gifts.

Many bought gifts on his wedding registries, according to Seattle television station KIRO.

A Go Fund Me account set up for Meis for his honeymoon and future has also raised more than $48,000 since it was created on Friday.

Jessamyn McIntyre, who started the account, said she does not have a personal relationship with Meis or his family, but began the page because she “was touched by his actions, along with all of you.”