Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell Car Comes With Unlimited Gas

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Hyundai says the world’s first mass produced hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is ready to hit the road!

The Tuscon Fuel Cell is now being sold at several Southern California Hyundai dealerships including Hardin Hyundai in Anaheim, Win Hyundai in Carson and Tustin Hyundai.

The crossover is available for lease only. It will cost $499 a month plus $3,000 down and that includes an unlimited supply of Hydrogen fuel plus HOV lane access. Although Hydrogen fueling stations are still few and far between, locations are expanding in the next few years.

Southern California Hydrogen Fuel Stations Map (Source: Hyundai)

Current hydrogen fuel stations in blue, planned in orange

The range is roughly 265 miles and the car is very eco-friendly since the only by-product is water. Also, you can refuel it in just about 10 minutes, similar to regular gas and much faster than charging an electric car.

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