Generous Strangers Help Dying Father Give Daughter, 12, Special Gift

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A dying Colorado father may have just a short time left with his 12-year-old daughter, but thanks to the generosity of strangers, he’ll be able to pass along something that has been in the family for generations.


Madison Avent, 12, is seen in her father’s truck after it was restored by a group of strangers. (Credit: CNN)

Dallas Avent has brain cancer. He wanted to leave his daughter Madison, who just celebrated a birthday, his 1969 Ford F-100 pickup truck, which was originally bought by his grandfather, local radio station KBPI stated on June 4.

“He had given it to my dad, then my dad passed it on to me, and now we’re in the process of passing it to my daughter,” Avent said.

After hearing her story on the radio station, a group of volunteers decided to restore the truck for Avent so it could be passed along to Madison when she comes of driving age and would have something to remember her dad.

“I’ve been in it for as long as I can remember. Driving around, going to 7-Eleven, getting slurpees and all that,” she said. 

In addition, the group has also set up a bank account for Madison with the extra money they raised from donations.

CNN contributed to this report.