UC Irvine Students Hope to Be Inspired by Obama’s Graduation Speech

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Although President Barack Obama’s attendance at UC Irvine’s graduation Saturday will lead to higher security than normal, many students are elated to see him.


UC Irvine students anxiously await President Obama’s speech at their graduation on June 14, 2014. (Credit: KTLA)

“It’s always been my dream to just see the president, and to have him here at my college graduation is just a great honor,” graduate Charles Carpio said.

Kimberly Lim is one of about 8,000 students receiving a diploma at the ceremony, and the first in her immediate family to do so.

“Just the fact that our president is coming out over here, it’s such a big deal and I can’t wait to see him,” Lim said.

Some students hoped Obama’s speech would address hard-hitting issues like the cost of education, while others said they wanted to leave the ceremony feeling inspired.

Authorities said attendees should expect airport like security and be aware of the numerous items not allowed in the ceremony, including traditional lei necklaces.

KTLA’s Kimberly Cheng contributed to this report.