Starved Dogs Forced to Eat Another Dog to Survive; Woman Arrested

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Memphis police are calling a case of animal abuse “sadistic and depraved.”

An Orange Mound woman is in jail, accused of starving her dogs so severely that they were forced to eat one of their own.

katherine parker

Katherine Parker was arrested after allegedly starving her dogs so severely that they were forced to eat another dog. (Credit: CNN Wire via WREG)

Police discovered the gruesome scene Sunday.

“I have never seen this in all the days of my life,” said 68-year-old Eddie Davis, Katherine Parker’s neighbor.

The gruesome discovery came after ambulance workers came to care for Davis’ elderly mother.

“The ambulance pulled up right here and they smelled the odor. We smelled it too but we didn’t know what it was.”

What they saw in his neighbor’s backyard was two dogs so starved, they had eaten the belly off of a third dog. Davis says the dogs were still eating when Memphis Animal Services showed up.

“The police officers seen it,” said Davis.

“So that’s how hungry they were?” asked reporter Sabrina Hall.


Police arrested Parker for aggravated animal cruelty while Davis helped bag up the dead dog.

“You couldn’t use the shovel. You had to pick it up with hands with gloves on and put it into two bags. How bad can it get?”

Despite how disturbing this was, Davis says he doesn’t want to see the woman who was supposed to be caring for the dogs in jail.

“Let her go! Please let her go!” Davis pleaded.

He says Parker is the mother of three young children and works double shifts at a fast food restaurant.

He says the dogs had been dropped in Parker’s care by someone else months ago and she obviously wasn’t capable of caring for them.

Still, Davis admits she should have asked for help.

“Did you ever see the dogs starving?” asked Hall.


“Would you have done something if you did?”

“I would have,” said Davis. “I would have. I feed my dog twice a day.”

Parker is being held in jail on a $10,000 bond. Her family says they are working to bail her out so she can take care of her children.