1,000 Pounds of High Powered Fireworks, Including Mortars, Seized in Long Beach

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Long Beach police display dozens of seized fireworks.

Police in Long Beach seized over 1,000 pounds of high powered fireworks with an estimated street value of close to $10,000 during a series of raids on Wednesday.

Officers following up on online advertisement regarding illegal fireworks responded to a location near Long Beach and Artesia Boulevards, according to a news release from the Long Beach Police Department.

At the scene, police arrested 24-year-old Erik Alvarado-Ramirez of Compton and seized several mortars and other fireworks weighing approximately 100 pounds, the release stated.

A second ad led officers to a shopping center near Spring Street and Atlantic Avenue, where 25-year old Julio Flores, of Pico Rivera, was arrested for allegedly selling fireworks from his vehicle, police said.

Inside the vehicle, officers found a number of high powered fireworks, including mortars, a mortar tube, and several large boxes of miscellaneous fireworks, totaling approximately 200 pounds.

On the same day, officers confiscated 715 pounds of fireworks during a traffic stop and subsequent search of a home near 72nd Street and Orange Avenue, according to the release.  During the search, officers seized 51 boxes of “Excaliber” and 8 boxes of “Rolling in the Dough” fireworks. The suspect was identified as 23-year-old Sergio Guerrero of Long Beach.

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