Painter Dies After Lift Basket Possibly Comes Into Contact With Power Lines

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File photo of an LAFD ambulance. (Credit: RMG News)

A painter died Tuesday after the mobile lift basket he was in came near or in contact with power lines in Westchester, the Los Angeles Fire Department stated.

Emergency responders were called to 6645 West 86th Place (map) around 2:40 p.m., the LAFD stated in a news alert. They waited for power to be shut off before assisting the man, who was “unmoving.”

The painter “proved beyond medical help” and was determined to be dead just before 5 p.m., the department later said.

The worker may have been servicing a nearby apartment building from an elevated lift basket when it came into “proximity and/or contact” with power lines, LAFD stated.

West 86th Place was closed from Emerson Avenue to McConnell Avenue due to the incident.