DUI Driver Dragged to Safety by Officer After Walking Onto Busy Freeway

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Dramatic dashcam footage shows a an Ohio police officer dragging a 350-pound drunk driver across a freeway to safety, authorities said.

The incident took place on Interstate 480, where Patrolman Matt Beck pulled over 54-year-old Richard Solis, said Detective Sergeant Bob Wagner of the North Olmstead Police Department.

After coming to a stop, Solis exited his car and walked across three lanes of traffic, according to the video.

"Get back to the car!" Beck yelled.

He ran after the driver, who fell to the ground. The officer then grabbed Solis' arms and began pulling him to the freeway's shoulder.

Unseen in the video are the motorists who stopped to help Beck, police said.

"I don't think that there's any guy in this department that wouldn't have done the same thing," Wagner said. "We've got a lot of great guys here, and that's part of the job — you spring into action."

Solis was later convicted of driving under the influence. It was his first offense, officials said.