Beagle ‘Apologizes’ for Taking Toy by Showering Baby With Gifts

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Charlie the beagle was in the dog house after taking one of baby Laura’s toys, but Thursday’s latest viral video showed how the “guilty” pup made up with his friend.

Apparently Charlie just couldn’t control himself when someone dangled a toy in front of baby Laura, so he took it and walked away, the video posted to YouTube showed.

A few seconds later, baby Laura lets out a cry and Charlie seems to realize he’s done something wrong.

Charlie tries to make things right by bringing baby Laura as many gifts as he can find, including a tennis ball, a Playstation controller, and the toy he took in the first place.

Apparently all has been forgiven and the two are best buddies again, according to a message on Charlie’s YouTube page.

By Monday, the video had topped more than 4 million views.

More videos and pictures of the two friends can be found on Charlie’s Facebook page.