U.S. Olympic Committee Meets With Mayor Garcetti, Is ‘More Optimistic Than Ever’ About American Bid

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A woman poses under the Olympic rings during the Sochi Winter Olympics on Feb. 12, 2014. (Credit: Andrej Isakovic / Getty Images)

After meeting with representatives from four cities interested in hosting the Summer Games, U.S. Olympic Committee leaders say they are “more optimistic than ever” about submitting an American bid for 2024.

The USOC invited the short-listed candidates — Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. — to its Colorado Springs headquarters this week.

Though the informal meetings went well, the national committee did not commit to submitting a bid, mindful that the U.S. has struggled in recent attempts to win the Games.

“There is a great deal of work left to do before we can make a decision,” said USOC Chairman Larry Probst.

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