Local Little League Field Vandalized, Equipment Stolen

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Two people were being questioned by police Monday in connection with a series of thefts and vandalism at a Little League field in West Los Angeles.

The Culver Marina Little League claimed residents of nearby homeless camps were breaking into their facilities, spray painting satanic messages on walls and stealing supplies, according to the Los Angeles police Department.

In addition to the vandalism and thefts, a softball championship banner was destroyed after it was thrown in the toilet and defecated on, according to Culver Marina Vice President Matt Wind.

Drug paraphernalia had also been found inside the field’s dugouts, Wind said.

He estimated the damage to be in the thousands of dollars.

The most recent incident on Monday prompted a brief search by officers in the Del Rey area for possible suspects. Two people were being questioned.

Culver Marina works with kids from over 500 local families and has been in business for about 60 years, Wind said.

Anyone interested in helping the Culver Marina Little League can contact them at culvermarinaLL@gmail.com.

KTLA's Scott Williams contributed to this report.