Officials Searching for Otter That Brutally Attacked 8-Year-Old Boy and Grandmother

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Washington officials were recently searching for an otter that brutally attacked an 8-year-old boy and his grandmother, who was trying to rescue him.

The boy was standing in the water running along Lake Connor Park on Thursday when an otter latched onto him, his mother Tabitha Moser told Kirotv.

“My mom is there like lightning — she ripped it off. She kind of ripped it off and it immediately attached on to her,” Tabitha Moser said.

The otter bit the boy’s head and wrapped its claws around him, the boy’s grandmother Lelani Grove told CNN.

“He’s screaming and I see him go back under water. This thing obviously was heavy enough to where it took him under,” she said.

Grove and the boy escaped the animal’s grip, but were injured.

“Her whole eye was kind of taken apart,” Tabitha Moser said of her mother’s injuries.

Grove required multiple surgeries and over 100 stitches, and the boy received nine staples in his head and bandages around both hands.

The area near the attack was closed Friday so officials could search for the animal, according to the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

“Most likely the animal will be euthanized,” Sgt. Jennifer Maurstad said.

The otter was believed to be spotted Tuesday, but it was not capture.

“We know where they are. Getting into the trap is another issue,” department spokesman Craig Bartlett said.