Fun Outdoor Gadgets

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Checking out some fun gadgets for the outdoors

It’s summer and the outdoors are calling. We’re checking out some fun gadgets that can take the heat!


Boombottle H2O
The Boombottle H2O speaker from Scosche is waterproof, dust resistant, and fits in cup holders or attaches to your bike’s water bottle cage. Plus, the battery lasts up to 10 hours and the speaker even doubles as a speakerphone.

Kenu Highline
The Highline case makes sure your phone is always within reach. There’s a tough kevlar coil tether, which means even if fumble, your phone won’t take a tumble.

BBQ Dragon

A tight grip that holds the BBQ Dragon in places as it blows a constant stream of air on your kindling or charcoal. So getting the fire started is a breeze. It also doubles as an adjustable fan to cool you down.

Blackfire Clamplight

It’s part of an entire line of waterproof flashlights that stay where you need them. There are heads that swivel and bright beams. And thanks to LED bulbs, the light lasts a long time without using up a lot of batteries.