Sheriff’s Release, Coverage of Details of Robin Williams’ Death Prompt Social Media Backlash

Amid the pictures and news clips shared about Robin Williams on social media Tuesday following his death, a wave of criticism emerged after a Marin County sheriff's official revealed, in detail, how the actor’s body was found.

At a news conference, Marin County Assistant Deputy Chief Coroner Lt. Keith Boyd revealed that Williams, 63, used a belt to asphyxiate himself and may have also tried to cut his wrists with a pocket knife.

He then went on to reveal that rigor mortis had already set in by the time Williams' personal assistant discovered the body in a slightly elevated position.

While the level of detail Boyd presented is routinely available on a coroner’s report for any member of the public to view upon request, it’s not often that authorities discuss them in front of cameras and a podium capped with microphones. The news conference was broadcast on several TV stations and live-tweeted by members of the media, all of which drew the ire of the public.

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