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Tech Entrepreneur Aims To Put Focus Back On People

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Tech Entrepreneur shares tips on how to curb your digital addiction

Tech can be a useful tool in our lives, but it’s easy to get consumed by gadgets and apps. We caught up with one man who’s trying to help us curb our tech addiction by creating awareness of the issue.


Brian M. Hiss is no stranger to tech. He served as the COO of the popular restaurant guide, which was later acquired by But now the tech entrepreneur is on a mission to hit 20 cities in 12 weeks through the Experience People Movement to bring awareness about our growing dependency on all things digital.

We caught up with him to see what his trip is all about and learn some useful tips to put down our phones for a bit.

Check out Brian's new activity planning app Dooble.

Correction: An earlier version of this story, along with the video, misidentified Brian M. Hiss' role in It has been updated with the proper job title.