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Huntington Beach Crash: Driver of 1929 Model A Ford Injured After SUV Runs Red Light, Police Say

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The driver of a 1929 Ford Model A suffered moderate injuries Saturday morning when the roadster pickup collided with an SUV at an intersection in Huntington Beach, police said.


Firefighters responded after a 1929 Model A Ford collided with an SUV at an intersection in Huntington Beach on Saturday, Sept. 27, 2014. (Credit: Huntington Beach Police Department)

The man in the Ford was traveling east on Adams Avenue abut 5:55 a.m., on his way to a Donut Derelicts auto club meeting, according to a statement from the Huntington Beach Police Department.

The crash occurred when the Model A was crossing Newland Street (map) and a Dodge Durango ran a red light, police said.

The occupant of the Dodge was cited for running the light, driving without a license and not having a valid insurance card, authorities said. It was unclear if that person was injured.

A spokesman for the Police Department said one person was transported to a hospital and one vehicle was towed, but was unable to provide any further information.

“We will hope for his full recovery,” the department said on Facebook, referring to the pickup’s driver, “and for a full recovery of his 1929 Ford.”