Lab Results Prove ‘Strange Creature’ Found in Tuna Can Was Crab

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A “strange creature” found inside a can of Princes tuna has been identified as a crab, according to the British woman who made the initial discovery.

“‘Eric’ has now been identified as a small immature crab also known as a Megalopa,” Zoe Butler tweeted Thursday.

Speculation about the creature was widespread on Twitter after the 28-year-old Nottingham woman tweeted photos of the “grim” discovery, which she initially made in mid-January.

Guesses ranged from snails to tadpoles to turtle. One expert told The Telegraph that the head of the tiny sea creature was likely that of a Cymothoa exigua, or tongue-eating louse.

“From what I can see I would support the head of a Tongue-eating louse, Cymothoa exigua, or similar,” said Stuart Hine of London’s Natural History Museum.

With the verdict now official, Butler expects the attention on Twitter to die down.

“I won’t be offended if people want to unfollow me now we know what the creature is. I promise you, I’m really not that interesting,” she tweeted Friday.