Proposed Ballot Initiative Would Require Transgender Students to Use Bathroom of ‘Biological Sex’

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Edgar Lopez, a maintenance worker with the city of West Hollywood, cleans the front doors to the restroom at Plummer Park. (Credit: Al Seib, Los Angeles Times)

A group that tried unsuccessfully to repeal California’s transgender students rights act now has proposed a ballot measure to restrict the restrooms that transgender people can use.

Called the Personal Privacy Protection Act, it would require people to “use facilities in accordance with their biological sex” in government-owned buildings, including public schools and universities.

It would not apply to single-occupancy restrooms or to family restrooms.

The proposal would allow people who felt their privacy had been violated by a transgender person who entered the restroom unlawfully to sue that individual or the government entity for a minimum of $4,000. It also would allow people who chose not to enter a bathroom or locker room facility because a transgender person was inside to file suit.

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