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Ride-ons, Scooters & More With Dynacraft

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The VP of  Dynacraft Nelson Costa joined us live with their new line of ride-ons, scooters and bikes for kids of all ages.

Dynacraft products are sold at Toys R Us and Walmart.  For more information, visit their website or click on the links below.

  1. Tonka Mighty Dump TruckToys “R” Us exclusive
  2. 6V Surge Pink Quad Toys “R” Us
  3. Hello Kitty 6V Coupe  - Walmart
  4. Avengers 6V Super Car Toys “R” Us
  5. Surge 24V City ScooterWalmart
  6. Surge 24V Dirt BikeWalmart
  7. Minion Bike with Fart BlasterToys “R” Us